Cryptocurrency mining in Pakistan

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How we can export crypto currency and earn handsome revenue.

This presentation dedicated to Government of Pakistan, Imran Khan(Pm), and Fawad Ch(IT minister).

Bitcoin – Made in Pakistan
We as a team of small group of Blockchain & Digital/Crypto Currency Developers would like to take this opportunity to represent our interest in Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Mining Project as a tool for economic efficiency in the current technological transformation within the Blockchain Industry.
Money Laundering!
The most worrysome and insecure issue that Government of Pakistan is facing today within the financial industry is Digital Money Laundering! Which is been done by many as so far the system has not been generated in Pakistan to track them.
How to tackle this problem? The only possible solution is to track each and every transaction across the country in and out is through blockchain technology.
We want to bring Blockchain based Digital Currency to Pakistan for Financial Security settlement and cross-border payments moving forward.

Operation Setup:

Our whole project is based on 24 hours operations and for that we need to have a high power electricity inflow 24/7.

How do we get 24/7 high power electricity? Thanks to natural resources, we can utilize natural resources and generate Hydro Power Electricity without using expensive machines, nothing industrial or special is required.
And the best place to generate Hydropower Electricity (which is also called “Private Hydro Turbine Electricity” is KPK province (specifically Shangla area in Swat) due to widely natural recourses available over there!
Featured Benefits:
1.  This project can be the cheapest Bitcoin & Crypto Mining physical model in the whole world.
2.  The cost of mining to generate 1 Bitcoin anywhere in the world is between $4,500 – $8,350 approximately but in Pakistan the same mining cost to generate 1 Bitcoin is just between $1,000 – $1,200 only!
3.  The Hydropower can only be usable for mining 100KW or 200KW and that is more than enough for us to fulfill our project of mining business.
4.  80% – 90% areas of Pakistan are mostly having hot weather comparatively to KPK area where the hottest temperature does not go beyond 30% – 35%
5.  This industry can generate lots of jobs for local communities.

Digital Export – Welcoming International Business to Pakistan:
Through this project we can digitally export the most advance technology from Pakistan which “at current market price” can be sold 8 times higher than the cost of mining for each Bitcoin in Pakistan.
And due to this very low cost of mining, Pakistan can allow international mining companies to expand their businesses in Pakistan as well.
Pakistan has a tremendous opportunity (thanks to natural resources) to open the flood gates of massive business opportunities for in Pakistan for the whole world.


  1. Saif RahmanOctober 24, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Great article indeed, Bitcoin mining should be permitted in Pakistan as Government can generate good revenue which can brighten the future of whole nation along with empowering the economy of Pakistan!

  2. Muhammad zafarNovember 18, 2020 at 4:32 pm

    Im intresed in Bitcoin+mining setup.
    How can i buy Bitcoin and can you tell .e about mining machine setup dues and installation fee.

  3. Great job…well done.crypto future is bright inshaAllah.


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