Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable Business? Future of Bitcoin Mining

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable Business?” Yes Bitcoin Mining is Profitable and good business but it depends on two factors First is how much you want to invest.if you will buy minimum 5 GPU Rigs then it will be your perfect business. otherwise it will be your passion in a machine. In other words, mining won’t be not much profitable at a small scale. Second You should have a better place in where electriciy is cheap.Mean you have a space/room/house/flat in industrial area In other words, you have access to free or really cheap electriciy. If you have both thing then you can get capital return in maximum 6 months. Now in this month 1 GPU Rig giving monthly profit average $550. In other months when bitcoin price was low this rig was giving 350-400 dollar per month. So you should set this average value in your mind.
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My Name is Ghulam Ahmed. I have been working on bitcoin cryptocurrency in Pakistan since the past three years.Now I am top resellers in Pakistan and have many cilents from different countries of Mining hardwares.Me and My team members have built high quality Gpu rig in cheap rate who generate good GH/s on all cryptocoins.

  1. What would be the Mega hashes of the 6 or 5 GPU rig ?

    • its depend on that alt coin alogrithm which you want to mine now 6 GPU rig gives 140 mega hash on Etherum.

  2. Oneeb Ahmad KhanDecember 9, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Hi, kindly provide me your contact number or call me at 00923455137075 .

  3. Hi Ghulam.


    I like your presentation regarding the mining and the best machine to purchase.

    Please send us full details on your 6 GPU rigs for sale for mining. And also the
    best advice on the best rigs available for long term mining,

  4. Azam SiddiquiJanuary 1, 2018 at 8:33 am

    please let me know the prices for 5 and 6 GPU rigs in pak rupees.


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