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Current scenario:

Pakistan is among such fortunate countries where the youth Population is 60% of the Total Population. This percentage of the regular users of digital services such as digital payments or e-payments, internet access and professionals in smartphone usage provides infinite opportunities to succeed as going digital. One of the hurdles for customers making online purchases has been the payment method, exacerbated due to the lack of access to banking services. According to a World Bank report, out of every 1,000 adults only 240 have bank accounts, which is far below than other countries, and even lesser numbers have access to debit or credit card facilities.

Challenges and adoption:
Pakistan’s banking industry is still at the initial stages of adopting digital wallets and e-payment solutions as compared to the rest of the world. However, it is an important and pertinent milestone if the vision of a Digital Pakistan is to be realized. Pakistan is one of the most under-banked countries in the world with only a fraction of mobile wallets. To make digital payments easier than cash, Remitap will help upgrade the whole ecosystem of Pakistan’s banking.
The innovative digital payments solution by RemiPAK will remove their financial constraints and the funds will be audited and utilized without defaults . At Present, only Skrill, Payoneer and Traditional IBAN/Swift code or wire transfers are available to Pakistan which is very costly, time consuming and with inflated fees of 10 per cent to 30 per cent plus the local banks’ processing charges.

About RemiPAK digital wallet:
RemiPAK is an innovative e-Remittance Application Built on blockchain technology Platform that processes Domestic / Cross-border Money transfer faster and conveniently. RemiPAK avoids many headaches regarding a money transfer by providing the easiest way to do Remittance.  Anybody with a valid Identity proof can register with Remitap and start doing Transactions globally. A full-fledged customer support team is available to support our Customers 24 x 7 x 365.

RemiPAK digital wallet platform will overhaul the whole banking infrastructure of Pakistan by achieving digital Pakistan dream and encouraging businesses, retailers, petrol pumps, PIA, Railways ticketing, superstores, schools and colleges to utilize remitap merchant payment gateways and on the other hand RT card will help businessmen and especially to government employees, since they will use such services when they run short of funds, not falling prey to usurers. It would be great to boost and promote digital services, paving the way for international digital firms like. Google, PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Alibaba Group, Stripe and Apple to enter Pakistani financial markets specially the PayPal, eBay and Amazon, which are strongly required by freelancers and authors.

By giving access to these digital payments through RemiPAK portal, Pakistan will open doors for Foreign Direct Investment and will also reduce the heavy demand for paper currency as people avoid using cash and prefer to use their RT card online stores. The e-currency spectrum will help reduce the crime rate, tax evasion, and hoarding as people will use credit cards and digital wallets such as PayPal, Ali Pay, Google Pay, which can easily be tracked and monitored through digital systems.

RemiPAK (RT) Card:
A technological marvel and encrypted technology which makes RemiPAK one of its kind in the world, that shall give you access to your financial requirements anytime, anywhere in the world, breaking free the clutter of logins and validations. RT card is a multi-purpose digital currency card that can be used anywhere: Transfer to a friend, Withdraw money from ATM, Purchase Online, Pay a Merchant, Pay Taxi, Pay to anybody. Our smooth multi-faceted interface is designed for clutter free aesthetics and can be conveniently be used from mobile phones, PC, Tabs. Old world conventional ways of transfer involving banks and private exchanges harp on protocols which now move towards redundancy.

Discover the delight of ‘Time Value For Money’ with never seen, ever heard with smart technology and savings. Introducing a safe, reliable and premium 360 degree e-remittance and e-payment platform. Our cutting edge technology is designed to ensure transactions with multi layered security access such as OTP, Fixed pin, Biometrics etc. Enabling remittances from across the globe, Remitap can also be used for peer to peer online transfers, most often used online transactions such as mobile recharges, bank transfers, DTH bills, payment of electricity, gas and water bills conveniently. Payments to a host of other private and government services across various geographies are being integrated rapidly.

Explore the New Generation e-payment platform

·         Deposit your money to RemiPAK ewallet and use it whenever you need money

·         E-Commerce :  Use RemiPAK’s Pre-paid instrument online, or our RT card Online for an online purchase with RemiPAK recognized portals

·         Merchant Payment:  Pay a Merchant using our Prepaid Card / RemiPAK

·         AIR Ticketing : Buy AIR tickets using our RT Card/ Prepaid Card

·         Entertainment Payments : Subscribe to entertainment stores using our Prepaid card / RT Card

·         Multi-Purpose RT Card : RT Card is a multi-purpose digital currency that can be used anywhere (Transfer to a friend, Withdraw money from ATM, Purchase Online, Pay a Merchant, Pay Taxi, Pay to anybody)

·         Parental Control: Create an account in RT Card, and transfer money to your kids and monitor their financial movements

Conclusion in a nutshell:
To achieve this goal, Our pilot project Remitap has been launched in Nepal with collaboration of their entire banking system tested and about to be launched in april ( Now our next goal is to support Ms Tanya Aidrus head Digital Pakistan Vision and her team at Digital Pakistan Initiative so that Pakistanis may reap the benefits from this digital world.


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